Dream Job, or Living in a Nightmare?

Do you look forward to going to work on a Monday morning, or do you dread the weekend coming to an end?

It may surprise you to read that Career Coaches, like myself, believe that there is no such thing as a perfect job. However, experience of working with many clients leads us to the conclusion that if your work is a 70% good fit for you then you are likely to be smiling on your commute, and the lower that percentage becomes, the more your smile will turn into a frown.

Taking a bearing on your life and work

Making some time to take a bearing on your current situation can pay dividends. It may sometimes mean that you need to move on to a different career, but often it will result in a re-think, along with the people you work with or for, leading to you changing a few things in your current situation to get that percentage up to nearer the 70% mark.

So, perhaps you are in Heaven rather than Hell after all and you hadn’t realised it.

Take some time to take a bearing on your life and work and maybe seeking an interpretation from someone who can help you read it  might also be a good idea?