Happiness or Satisfaction ... that is the question?

I've been reading a lot about a type of therapy/coaching called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Like a lot of these ideas and theories, there is a lot to it but my summary of it is that we focus on the long-term nature of Happiness, rather than the short-term acceptance of satisfaction. So, a question could be ... do you want to be happy (long term achievement of value-driven goals) or do you want to be satisfied? (A short-term satisfaction coming from the relief of uncomfortable emotions and thoughts, perhaps by replacing them with equally short-term positive emotions and thoughts)

A website and Careers orientated blog that I've come across is by Rob Archer, the self-styled 'Career Psychologist.' He has a great little presentation (below) about how this concept of 'experiential avoidance'  works out in relation to decision-making and I think it is so true and very well presented.