finding the right fits for you

Career Exploration helps you to explore and find the right fits for you and what you would like to do as a career.

You may be someone just starting out or a new graduate from university or college and not sure what you want to do.  You may have been unemployed for a while and lost some direction in where you are heading.

Career Exploration sessions can help you to find out what's out there, learn how to do effective career research and think about what could be good fits for you. We can then look at what you come up with and narrow down what you would like to explore in more detail, perhaps looking for some opportunities to work shadow or gain experience in a particular career role or sector.


Individual sessions can take place in Southampton or via Skype.

Goal Setting Conversation - £30

I offer a 30 minute Goal-setting conversation at a cost of £30 prior to the commencement of any agreed coaching in order to help you determine your goals and desires and the best way to achieve them. 

Freestyle Coaching

Freestyle Coaching is built around 30, 60 minute or 90 Minute minute sessions, which are £30/£60/£90. This includes a reasonable amount of communication by email between sessions and enables you to go at your pace and meet for as many sessions as you choose.

Career Exploration Package - £395*

For those who prefer a more structured approach, there is a 3-session Career Exploration Framework that combines coaching conversations with personal reflection and learning within an agreed timetable.

This will give you:

  • 6 hours of face-to-face coaching
  • 6-10 hours of guided personal reflective work on your life and career with email support
  • A 'Career Anchors' Assessment with a Career Report, identifying important motivating factors for you
  • Help in identifying your values, 'key skills' and your long-term career goals
  • An introduction to resources that will aid your research for a good career fit and in finding jobs
  • A development plan for your next steps

All of the above figures include preparation of materials between the coaching sessions, a reasonable amount of email communication, if desired, and VAT.