UNDERSTANDING YOURSELF ... and appreciating Differences

 A foundation for life-long personal development


By defining personality type, the MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) builds a foundation for life-long personal development. It provides a constructive and flexible framework for understanding yourself and appreciating your, and others', differences and strengths.

The MBTI  tool: personality type revealed

The MBTI psychometric instrument is the best known and most trusted personality assessment tool on the market. Far more than just personality tests, MBTI Step 1 and Step 2 provide a constructive, flexible framework that can be applied to create solutions across all areas of human interaction and personal development. The MBTI profile reveals how an individual sees and interacts with the world, giving insight into their motivation and the motivation of others. This provides a strong foundation for personal growth and development, underpinning enhanced personal effectiveness.

  • MBTI Step 1  an individual's personality type, made up of four basic preferences, and provides a positive framework to explain how we interact with the world and each other
  • MBTI Step 2  drills down into the detail of the Step I preferences, providing insight into the way in which an individual expresses their personality type. Step 2 is better for an in-depth personal development approach rather than as part of a career coaching programme.

Rob Wood of NoClouds Coaching is qualified to work with the Step 1 and Step 2 tools and either of these can be incorporated into a Career or Personal Development coaching plan, or undertaken as a stand-alone activity. The final way in which it can be done is in a group context. If you are someone who prefers to learn within the dynamic environment of a group context, contact us via the contact page. Public group sessions are run 2-3 times a year and we can notify you of where and when these will happen, or a bespoke group session can be arranged for you to learn with your friends, family or work colleagues.

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A video of Penny Moyle explaining the history and contemporary use of MBTi can be viewed HERE. Penny is the CEO of OPP (Oxford Psychologists Press), the European distributor of the test, the certifying body for qualification and producer of books and information materials. 


MBTI Assessment and feedback, including a Career Report or a Personal Development Report if done at Step 2 Level and an Explanatory Booklet is £175This involves a 90 minute feedback session and includes preparation of materials, the cost of processing data and generating the report before the feedback and VAT. 

Additional Coaching

An additional 60 minute session can be desirable after you have had time to assimilate the original material and 'lived with your personality' for a while.  These can be arranged at a cost of £50 (Southampton or via Skype) for clients who have done the MBTI Assessment with us.