Rob Wood 

Career & Personal Development Coach

I am a professional coach with a Masters Degree in Coaching Practice and a Postgraduate Diploma in Career Coaching.  For 20 years, I was regional co-ordinator for a large UK charity, responsible for marketing, communication, coaching and training before becoming their UK Communications Director. I left in 2002 to set up a Communications and PR business until 2009 when I did my Master's Degree, focussing on career coaching. Now, with a few grey hairs on my head, I am motivated to help others achieve their goals in work, business or life as a whole.

 Rob is a professional coach who offers career development coaching working with an integrative viewpoint seeing how our work links with our lives and motivations.

Rob is a professional coach who offers career development coaching working with an integrative viewpoint seeing how our work links with our lives and motivations.

My working life is divided between being a Career Practitioner at the University of Southampton, teaching and coaching students in successful career planning, and private career development coaching. I also include time to continue my development as a Career Practitioner and Coach and to pursue areas of research of interest to me, resulting in opportunities to write and present to others in this field.

The final aspect to my work is in offering both group and individual supervision support to other coaches and career practitioners. This is an opportunity for them to discuss problems related to their case-work in a safe and confidential place plus have time and help in seeing how they can develop personally and professsionally.


Life and Work 

I belief that life and work go together and I have an integrated view of career to mean more than just the hours spent doing 'work' but that it is blended with the rest of our lives.

Research has shown that there is a correlation between work satisfaction and life satisfaction and those of us reporting fulfilment in the work-related area of our lives are four-times more likely to report satisfaction in other areas (Rath and Harter, 2010). So, what we do as a job is important, but it isn't the whole picture. The Latin work that Career comes from means cart or chariot, a vehicle for transporting things. So, our careers are vehicles that transport us through life. A derivative of the original word has also come to mean a road or pathway, where we get the word carriage-way from.

What does Career Development Coaching look like?

Career development coaching can help you to review where you are and get a clearer view of what's ahead, and what you need to do to get there.

Career Development Coaching can cover:

  • Career Construction - understanding yourself and building your career around your motivations
  • Career Exploration - looking at what's out there
  • Career Skills Coaching - developing the skills you need to get into the career you want
  • Career Transition Coaching - developing the skills and attributes needed to progress in your current career
  • Career Review - de-constructing your present career and re-constructing a new one
  • Career and Personality - how your personality can affect your choice and enjoyment of your career

I enter with you through the door of work and that is where the coaching is focussed, but always with an eye to how other areas of your life are affected by your work.


I write a blog called CAREERS PL+S about career development, psychology and people development generally. I invite others who have something to say on these areas to be guest contributors or re-blog their material with permission.


I have a masters degree in Coaching Practice (Oxford Brookes University Business School) and adopt a narrative style that allows you time and space to 'tell your story'. However, I believe that professional coaches should be adaptable, using skills and approaches that support and develop their clients in the best way possible.

I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Career Coaching (University of East London Psychology Department) and have several years training and experience coaching people in their career choices and development  in both the Higher Education and private sectors. At the time of writing I divide my time between private practice and being on a team of practitioners at the University of Southampton.

I have a first class honours degree in Corporate Communication and am an MBTI Practitioner, the world's leading personality assessment tool. In addition, I have been trained in Workplace and Enterprise mentoring, Creating effective Group Learning Environments, Project Management, Team-working and Negotiation skills.


I am on the Practice Register of The Career Development Institute (CDI), and am a member of the following professional associations:

  • The Association for Coaching (AC)
  • Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS)
  • The Association of Integrated Coach-therapist Professionals (AICTP)
  • The Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE)

You can find me in the Life Coach Directory, the premier online directory of career, executive and personal coaches in the UK


When I am not working, I enjoy being physically active and run, cycle and walk. I especially like walking in the Lake District and Cornwall. I enjoy watching films, love eating out, am a fussy coffee and beer drinker, hardly ever miss being part of my weekly local pub quiz team and enjoy my family and friends, some of which I have had for most of my life. Last but not least I love the community where I live and am a member of the Anglican church that sits at the heart of it. I am on the Winchester Anglican Diocese Spiritual Direction Register and offer Christian Spiritual Direction to individuals and groups. To find out about this, visit my Blog thin thoughts.

Rob Wood 

Southampton & London

United Kingdom