stopping to take a bearing

From time to time, it's good to take stock of who we are, what motivates us, what we value and what we are good at. Then to make sense of our lives and work in the light of what we come up with.

The Career Review Framework creates a positive environment within which to consider what has worked well in the past and to bring those reflections into the present to help align what we are motivated about and good at with what we do in life and work. It is very effective for career development and ideally suited for people at points of change in their lives or work.

The process uses narrative approaches to help you to draw on your story so far, to evaluate what has gone well and to use that to inform the current situation and a future direction. 


  • An opportunity to reflect on your life so far, with a view to confidently moving forward.
  • A motivating and structured programme.
  • A way of knowing and talking about yourself that is succinct and to the point, and which you can use anywhere - from formal job interviews to one-to-one relationships.
  • A review of your current context and how it might be adapted to better suit who you are.
  • A summary report that can be used to inform third parties, such as sponsors or line managers


This is a 3-Session framework that involves some reflective work for both you and your coach prior to a two hour coaching session. This will leave you with a 'map' of your key motivational characteristics and a development plan that we will work on together.


Normally, the three sessions have some time between them, so that you can reflect on things and prepare for the next meeting. However, if you wish to speed things up, it is possible to do it over over one day, with breaks and reflection periods built into it.











Individual sessions can take place in Southampton or via Skype.

The cost of the three-session Career Review Coaching Framework is £495. **

This will give you:

  • 6 hours of face-to-face coaching
  • 6-10* hours of guided personal reflective work on your life and career with coaching support via email
  • An assessment that identifies your 'Career Anchors', that define you and give you the greatest satisfaction when used
  • A profile of your key motivational characteristics
  • A Myers-Briggs (MBTI) Personality Assessment with a Career Report
  • A book on understanding personality using the Myers-Briggs model
  • A review of your current situation
  • A development plan

* approximate hours based on previous client's experience of personal preparation. The cost includes preparation of materials between the coaching sessions, a reasonable amount of email communication and VAT.

** A shorter version of this framework can be done for £395 without the MBTI profile for those who are already familiar with this assessment.