watering what you want to grow

Development Coaching is about understanding yourself and creating space for you to discover or re-discover the aspects of life that are most important to you, to understand what's really vital to you and align your life to that, choosing to focus on the things that you want to see grow in your life.

It is about searching for meaning that makes sense to you. This could include any area of life, but might cover, in addition to career or work-related aspects:

  • Understanding your personality
  • Talking about financial concerns
  • Discussing areas of life or work that cause you stress
  • Building your self-confidence
  • Discovering or re-discovering what spirituality means for you
  • Looking at how you can improve in your relationships
  • Developing an interest that brings you pleasure and purpose
  • Helping you to develop a physical routine that fits in with your desires and goals  
  • Working through a life transition, such as moving location or preparing for retirement


Individual sessions can take place in Southampton or via Skype.

Goal Setting Conversation - £30

I offer a 30 minute Goal-setting conversation at a cost of £30 prior to the commencement of any agreed coaching in order to help you determine your goals and desires and the best way to achieve them. 

Freestyle Coaching

Freestyle Coaching is built around 30, 60 minute or 90 Minute minute sessions, which are £30/£60/£90. This includes a reasonable amount of communication by email between sessions and enables you to go at your pace and meet for as many sessions as you choose.