Coaching is a collaborative process in which the coach works with you individually in order to help you to enhance your work performance, life experience, self-directed learning or personal growth. An experienced coach will work in a particular way, but will also adapt to your personality and learning style.

A set of definitions by one of the leading UK professional bodies, the Association for Coaching (AC), can be found HERE

What can you expect with Career Coaching

The same broad definition as coaching, but the coach is an experienced in addressing the aspect of career, job or work in your life.

Coaches who deal specifically with career change advice are experienced in listening to and breaking down your current situation and feelings about your job. You may not realise it, but this can be extremely hard to do by yourself.  Even with advice from friends and family, you may struggle to identify the right choices without some professional help.

Career Review or Change

Being stuck in a rut at work can make it hard to identify the reasons behind your desire for change. Your career coach will help you breakdown your feelings about not just your work, but your life as well, as this may well be influencing your current mood without you realising it. 

If you simply don't know what career would really excite you, it may be worth spending some time exploring your values and beliefs to find out what matters most, so you can then research jobs that fit. 

When you discover the job that does encompass your key values, work will then become enjoyable rather than something you dread doing. Everyone has the opportunity to choose their own career path and to change it if their current one is not fulfilling them.  Some of the areas that might be looked at with Career Coaching can be:

  • Identifying a good career option for you at this point in time.
  • Working out what type of work would be fulfilling for you.
  • Looking into issues that could be having an impact upon your work life.
  • Helping you to identify negative thought and behaviour patterns so that you can change them.
  • Realising the importance and impact of your work within your life.

Career Skills Coaching

Career Skills Coaching focusses on helping you to be your best in your current job or helps you to search for and find one.

The sessions can cover:

  • Identifying and turning around things that hold you back.
  • Learning to make the most of your skills, attributes and experiences.
  • Interview coaching to help you stand out from the crowd.
  • CV and cover letter writing to help you get noticed. 
  • Assistance with using creative ways to find the job that suits you.
  • Developing an online presence, for example, developing a great LinkedIn or About.me profiles